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How to win (more often) the 49s? Our expert advice and tips

On the internet, you will find everything abou the Lunchtime results and its opposite and this in all themes. In the field of the lottery and more specifically the Greece powerball , it is the same thing. Some sites will tell you that they have found the martingale to win the Loto for sure while others will tell you that it is nothing less than a scam. So, is it really possible to win the Loto every time and above all, are there effective techniques to reduce losses? The answer is yes, read our expert advice carefully.

That we understand from the first line, when we speak of winning the uk49s, we never speak of the jackpot of minimum 2 million euros, but of the intermediate gains started with the reimbursement of the Chance number. for 2.20 €. Once this first thing is clear, we can get to the heart of the matter and learn how to win the Loto more often, or at least do everything to .


How to win the uk49s: myths that don’t work

Many websites and regular players have fun offering uk teatime results statistics and in particular the number of times a number has fallen. Also, forecasts are sometimes visible on certain forums or even reduction systems aimed at considerably reducing the number of possible combinations ...


Know that all of these myths will not help you to win the Loto more often ... If they do not make you lose more than before, it is clear that these statistics have no value on the chance which it, at each draw, cannot be checked.

Here is a list of the various tips and myths that you can find on the internet and which will be of no use to you if you wish to increase your chances of winning the French Loto.


Play the least drawn Loto numbers, or conversely those which are most often drawn have no value. Past draws do not prejudge future draws, this adage that prevails in the world of finance is even more valid in the lottery.

Using reduction systems aiming to play your 5 numbers in a limited number of numbers (you will be playing between 1 and 25 for example) does not improve your chances of winning the Loto jackpot.


Following the predictions that you find on forums or via software will not be of any help to you, they are generated with the least or most frequently released numbers… As we have seen above, they have no no value other than uncontrollable statistic.

Mixing even and odd numbers is absolutely useless. The winning Loto combination has the same probability of displaying the winning numbers 1-2-3-4-5 and No. 6 as 10-20-30-40-49 and Chance No. 10… (cf. Which are the odds of the French Loto? )


Mixing small numbers and large numbers is absolutely useless. While most winning combinations have different tens, it’s not a statistical value that will help you ...

Avoiding birth date numbers will not help you find the winning combination anymore . Often approached as advice, even in some of our articles, this method of play will not give you an additional chance of winning the Loto and that is what we are looking for today.


After going through all the myths that won’t help you win the Loto more often , we can now provide you with our expert lottery tips, these methods are reliable and you will see, they mostly call on your common sense.

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